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Godfrey Blonde

Godfrey Blonde

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A historic beer!

Godefroy blonde is a top-fermented Belgian blonde beer.

It ages in vats and finishes fermentation in the bottle.
This beer is named after a hero of the first crusades, Godfrey
of Bouillon.
It contains 6.8% alcohol volume.

Currently, it is brewed by the Brasserie du Bocq in Purnode in the province of Namur.

The price of emptying is included: €0.10 for a bottle, €7.50 for a complete rack and €30 for a barrel.

If you would like a keg, do not hesitate to contact our customer service for the rental of a beer pump as well as for delivery.

🚚 Delivery in 3 working days in Europe

🏬 Possibility of collection from a Drink Maziers

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