Where to find us ?

In Belgium, our Godefroy is served at the table a good number of cafés, brasseries, hotels and restaurants. But you can also find it directly in different points of sale.
Godfrey map
  • Maziers Sensenruth Brewery
Mining, 2
B-6832 Sensenruth (Bouillon)
  • Maziers Libramont Brewery
Rue de Neufchâteau, 48
6800 Recogne (Libramont)
  • Maziers Bastogne Brewery
Rue de Marche, 153
6600 Bastogne
  • Maziers Virton Brewery
Rue Val d'Away 13, 6760 Virton
B-6760 Virton
  • Maziers Marche-en-Famenne Brewery
Famenne loop, 6
6900 Marche-en-Famenne
  • Maziers Rochefort Brewery
Economic activity park
Rue de la Griotte, 1
B- 5580 Rochefort
  • Maziers Sedan Brewery
Rue de Mirbritz, 8
F-08205 Sedan (France)