Our history

This is a literally historic beer!

Hero of the first crusade, Godfrey of Bouillon was named King of Jerusalem and protector of the Holy Sepulcher.

Just like the hero, the redhead is tough, with an assertive character. Its amber color and hoppy scent arouse the interest of connoisseurs and laymen alike. As for Godefroy Blonde, it is a top-fermented blonde ale type beer.

Godfrey Brotherhood

But where do Godefroy beers come from?

Pol Maziers, a beer merchant, created Godefroy Rousse in the 1980s. He launched it on the market in May 1988. It was already very successful in Bouillon, bearing the name of the man who sold his duchy of Bouillon to take the helm of the first crusade.

A nucleus was formed around Pol, the creator of Godefroy beer, to form the Brotherhood of Godefroy beer. The goals of the brotherhood were similar to those of the Bouillon tourist office: to make known the history and riches of the Bouillon region, to highlight folklore and local products and to establish bonds of friendship. The brotherhood was officially born on September 2, 1989 in Bouillon. The company's headquarters was naturally established at the fortified castle of Bouillon.

The costume of the Godfrey Brotherhood

The costume of its members uses the colors of the city: red and white, with red cape, red beret decorated with a white plume, white shirt and bronze medal hung on a wide white silk ribbon. The beer promoted by the brotherhood is therefore Godefroy, brewed in the old-fashioned way with top quality malts and hops. Slowly matured in vats, it completes its maturation in a 33 cl bottle.

The traditions have been maintained since then with two extraordinary chapters per year and a recipe unchanged for more than 30 years.